December M$ Patch Tuesday Summary

Microsoft released the last patch cycle for 2020 and initial looks appear to be a light month overall by shear volume, not severity.  M$ released 58 fixes in December, this is well below what we’ve been used to seeing coming out of Redmond each month.   Even with the low number overall, 22 of the 58Continue reading “December M$ Patch Tuesday Summary”

M$ Patch Tuesday Nov 2020

November 2020 seems to be a pretty standard month any more for Microsoft patches coming in at 112 fixed vulnerabilities, with a number of RCEs. Additionally November does contain one zero day that is currently being actively exploited in the wild. Among the worst this month are: NFS CVE-2020-17051: Critical vulnerability in Windows Network FileContinue reading “M$ Patch Tuesday Nov 2020”

My IR Sec Career Story

Of all places my Cyber Security story started in a Creamery. Through high school I worked part time doing back breaking manual work “whooping vats” of cheese.  Whooping consisted of taking a stainless steal bucket and moving 35lbs of cheese per scoop out of a 2,000lb vat in to forms to create 40lb blocks ofContinue reading “My IR Sec Career Story”